Monday, June 3, 2019

Comfort and Style: The C1RCA Lopez 50

Skaters run through footwear like mice run through cheese, due to the fact that maximum "skateboarding" shoes out there can't cope with the ripping and shredding lifestyle of skate boarders. This is exactly why C1RCA advanced the Lopez 50 footwear. These footwear are perfect for skaters who need to skate effectively, effectively, and competently without having to wear ridiculously colorful clown footwear. The C1RCA Lopez 50 permits for this, combining fashion, comfort, and durability to make sure a swish and dynamic skating revel in.

The C1RCA Lopez 50 is made of leather, nubuck, and a suede top, which are commonplace factors in a variety of skateboarding footwear to be had inside the market nowadays. However, C1RCA took into account those skaters who love to skate and appearance presentable at the same time. This is why they made the revolutionary move of bringing fashion into the skateboarding scene. The the front functions a full-lacing characteristic, and with the stunning shade issues of the C1RCA Lopez 50, skateboarding has a new definition of fashion.

Durability is vital for each skateboarding shoe, and C1RCA maxed theirs out with an higher layering this is heavily strengthened. The muscle groups of the foot had been analyzed very well to pin-factor correct locations for placement of the padded tongue and collar. The footbed cushion toes also helps offer comfort at the same time as showing off your surprising skateboarding movements.

Safety is always a primary issue in skating and other sports. To take in shock, C1RCA located latex foams at the heel and arch of the foot. This manner, your feet are spared a sure degree of pain and discomfort, as well as the increased chance of injury. The sole of the Circa Lopez 50 is flexible and light-weight, now not to say extraordinarily adhesive in order that the board can be felt and controlled with the best experience of ease.

The footwear are to be had for both men and women. The men's line functions colors which are greater masculine and somber, at the same time as the women's line sports colors and graphics that range from edgy to dainty.

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