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Womens Flip Flops - History, Fashion and Buying Tips

During the 20th century, turn flops become a prime style accessory with annual sales of women's turn flops attaining $20 billion. They're now to be had in lots of materials and heel and wedge heights. Some even declare to reshape your legs and bum!

As a shoe era professional with years of revel in inside the industry I decided to put in writing a quick article to guide you thru the various style and fashion alternatives to be had so that you make the proper preference while searching for Flip Flops.


This secure form of footwear is certainly the oldest shape of shoe recognized to man, with evidence on cave artwork that prehistoric man wore their very own model of them! More recently they have got had resurgence however from very humble beginnings.

Many people consider Brazil to be the 'birthplace' of the contemporary-day Flip Flop. Here, they have been clean to make from easy materials and the footwear of preference for the very terrible, retailing for only few bucks inside the slums and shanty cities. From these beginnings their reputation spread during the u . S . Until strong Brazilian manufacturers such Havaianas and Ipanema emerged and now lead the manner.

The Height of Fashion

With flip-flops now having reached mainstream fashion, most women admit to having at the least one pair. For many women they may be 'the shoe' of the summer time, with ladies buying them in a number of colours, finishes and heel heights so that they go with each outfit in their cloth cabinet. They also cater for each pocket, with prices starting from some kilos to over $250 for a pair of Gucci flip-flops! At the equal time they were regarded to come as a free gift in some magazine guides!

Are They Good for You?

With sales now overtaking the sports activities footwear marketplace, it's miles essential to assess what affect this footwear has on our toes and preferred fitness. Since they do now not have fastenings or tight pointed uppers you would assume that they have got notable foot-health advantages. Furthermore, brands which include Fit Flops and Sketchers Shape Ups are marketing their Flip Flops for their firming traits to the legs.

With my enjoy as a footwear technologist for the beyond 10 years I'd comply with a standard rule whilst deciding on your Flip Flops - the less expensive they're, the greater adverse they're probably to be.

Research has proven that very flat, non-supportive variations made of negative, reasonably-priced materials do adversely affect toes, legs and lower back improvement in women mainly while worn for extended periods of time.

Many reasonably-priced patterns provide no guide to the internal arch and heel and do no longer own any surprise absorbency. This is leading to foot issues for a developing variety of humans. The best advice if you have already got 'hassle ft' is to stick to proper fine brands like Riders, Ipanemas and Fit Flops as these provide greater aid and safety. Even in case you don't have foot or leg issues, maintain your wear of Flip Flops to only some hours every day, instead of day-in-day-out, in particular when walking lengthy distances.

Also frequently replace them to ensure that the soles do now not get 'flattened' all through put on on the way to lessen the quantity of help they are able to offer.

Buying Flip Flops On line

When buying Flip Flops on line, use websites who have achieved the give you the results you want, imparting an amazing choice of coloration, brands and substances. They should have them within the colorings and finishes that go together with maximum of your cloth cabinet. Some also advice on how the they suit, so you can ensure which you are shopping for the best size for your foot.

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